Welcome to World Class Language

Welcome to World Class Language

About Us

Education is the key to a bright future!

We believe that education is the most important thing in the world, especially for the children. After all, they are the future and represent the greatest achievement for a parent.

With the globalization that our world is facing, it will be hard for the young generations to find a suitable work with a decent salary if they don't speak the common language of business, English.

It is not only a privilege to teach English, but also a duty. Communication will always be important and even more in professional relationship.

Every student will get the well- deserved attention needed in order to perform well whatever is his goal. We believe that success can be achieve if you have the proper mindset and the tools. 

We are the tools!


We offer many customizes classes, but there is the most popular ones:


Elementary all grades

High School all grades

Private lessons 

Business English 



Our Curriculum gets students talking about the real world!  Posters, videos, stories, and songs link English to other school  subjects and universal values, developing global citizens with 21st  century skills.  Everybody Up Second Edition, the book that we use, makes it even easier to bring the  outside world into our classroom! New posters and videos enhance the  cross-curricular lessons, and new projects get students working  together. We’ve also added grammar animations which allow us to present  language patterns in a more memorable way. 

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 We love our customers, so feel free to assist to our free talk or free trial lessons. Please contact us in advance for anything.

World Class Language

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